She podcasts live

She podcasts live

She podcasts live

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The place to be if you’re:
Loud-mouthed, Charming, Opinionated, Sharp, Hilarious Or Honest to a Fault

In the past, we’ve been encouraged to act demure, shy, and timid. It’s because we are POWERFUL. It’s because we are brilliant. It’s because we are innovative. And it’s because there was a fear that, had someone encouraged us to be those things, we’d be less easy to control.

That shit is done.
And our mission with this conference is to make sure of it.

We are UNDENIABLE and we will no longer be denied:

a voice
an opinion
physical space – on your panel, at your table, in the room
the things we need – spiritually, physically, or emotionally

If you even THINK you’d be great at educating, informing, encouraging, or entertaining people, you are going to want to be here.

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19-06-2023 à

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Je suis Philippe Chapot, le fondateur de Podcast Magazine, Le POD, La Lettre Pro de la Radio, le Paris Radio Show et je suis en veille permanente dans les secteurs de la radio, de l'audio digital et du Podcast.

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